Her one big splurge

Tabitha was not prone to a life of excess. She lived comfortably, if not richly. Most of her possessions came from yard sales, second hand stores and craigslist. She drank occasionally, stayed out late a few time a month, ate dessert now and then and indulged in a rich dinner out every now and then. She was content with her life and wanted for very little.

Tabitha lived in a small cottage at the edge of the woods that she rented from the old farmer who lived further up the road. She lived with her two cats, Patches and Summer, two hens, a small garden patch and her own company.

During the week, Tabitha worked in the nearby town as a receptionist at a local real estate office. Her responsibilities were relatively menial but she enjoyed the office and her co-workers. After work, she occasionally ran an errand or two, stopped by the library or enjoyed a cup of coffee with a friend.

On the weekends, she could be found outside in the garden, curled up inside with a book or out walking in the sunshine. She visited the local farmers market one to two Sundays a month, although she rarely bought anything. She simply enjoyed the festive and friendly atmosphere and took pleasure in admiring the wares of the various farmers and artisans present.

It was on one such Sunday that Tabitha made the most extravagant purchase of her relatively young life. She arrived around 11 am at the market and spent the better part of an hour wandering the booths and people watching. She stopped to sit in the sun and listen to a local folk duo playing to the passersby. She was quietly sitting enjoying the music when a bright reflection flash off to her right. Curious, she stood up and began to walk in that direction.

A small crowd had gathered around a corner booth. She could hear an enthusiastic man’s voice and the sun occasionally reflected off of something in his hand. Tabitha gently pushed her way up to the front, her interest piqued. What she found was a handsome man in his 30s performing a series of demonstrations with a 12” stainless steel fry pan.

Disappointed, Tabitha began to turn away, then changed her mind.


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