She found the key too…

Kay was the family’s rock. Her dedication to her children was unwavering, her work ethic commendable, her cooking the tastiest around. She was, indeed, the glue that held their little family together—her husband, George, her eldest, Dave, Lisa & Jennifer who were a year apart, and her youngest, John.

George was the best father and husband that he could be. Unfortunately, he often fell short in many areas. He was a gruff man with a hot temper that could start whistling at any moment. Nary a day went by without him yelling at the kids or exchanging heated words with Kay. He worked hard though and provided for the family.

It was almost as if family life was an ill-fitting suit jacket for George. He was expected to wear it, but short sleeves and pinched shoulders chaffed him. Despite their often tumultuous marriage, there was a soft spot for George that Kay always carried. Sometime it was love, sometimes pity, sometimes partnership. In the toughest of times, this pocket of softness gave her strength to carry on. That and her deep seated and single minded love of her four children.


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