Hope is a thing

Hope is a thing that the world needs more of. More precisely, hope coupled with belief in the hope, is really what the world needs. Hoping hopelessly turns the whole point of hoping upside down. Distorts the purpose. Gives us one more reason as to why hope is futile. But let me ask you this, if you hope for something “knowing” it’s going to fail, are you actually hoping for it? To me, it sounds more like you are hoping the hope will somehow do something different than what you are asking of it; which is, essentially, to fail. It all comes back to you, your thought, the place where you put your emphasis. Hope is often not present in our statements of hope. Somehow, we think simply using the word “hope” in a sentence automatically makes it so. Often, “hope” sentences are thinly veiled judgments or criticisms rather than true expressions of hope. For example, take the thought, “I hope I get a good grade on this test, I know I didn’t study enough for it.” Where is the hope in that thought? It sounds more like dejected resignation to me. The emphasis is on “I didn’t study enough for it.” It is time to liberate hope. It is a thing. Not just a word.


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